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Eloy just had to change the trunc lock in my Lexus RX and I must say he was not only very friendly and pleasant, but did a very quick and clean service. I'm quite happy ! @ Hershel M. Maple Valley

Fred and Eloy from Maple Valley Locksmith Pros were amazing. We had a major emergency that had to be solved that day and Fred and associate were able to come last minute. They took care of our back door promptly and with ease, and even offered information on how to improve the locks. Near the end of the service, I got reminded that I had other bad situation with exterior lock and brought it up. They took care of that as well, without increasing the price. I totally suggest calling Fred for all Maple Valley locksmith work. Definitely a phone number worth keeping @ Erwin R., Maple Valley

Lockout of your home is not fun, to say the least. Probably the only good thing about that is having Maple Valley Locksmith Pros save your day. I got locked out of my Maple Valley apartment on Christmas ( I had the keys with me but my key was stuck). I called Maple Valley Locksmith Pros, and they said he would come right away and indeed it took him nearly 25 minutes to get to my house near Lake Wilderness branch of KeyBank, and he got me back inside in almost 20 minutes. Fred was not only an expert locksmith, but kind as well - a good experience. (Ledford E., Maple Valley )

To sum it up, thanks to Maple Valley Locksmith Pros, a extremely unpleasant experience came to being on the verge of pleasant. (Annmarie I., SE Kent Kangley Rd Maple Valley WA )

I had to get new keys for my partner's 2004 Toyota Avensis, and Eloy of Maple Valley Locksmith Pros was exactly on time, worked very discreetly and was very trained. Would definitely recommend! - Kerr A. Maple Valley